About us

One Big Tapi Family

There isn’t another family in Britain that knows about carpets and flooring like the Harrises. For over 75 years the Harris family have kept their customer service values at heart, and in 2015 third generation Martin Harris had a vision. He believed the time was right to blow a breath of fresh air into the world of carpet and flooring stores and to make shopping for new carpet or flooring a joy.

In order to bring his vision to life Martin brought together a close team of the best professionals and experts in the industry. Everyone at Tapi is excited by the prospect of being able to build a modern brand rooted in the family values of the Harris carpet heritage.

And here we are today! We are literally ‘one big Tapi family’! In fact, between us, the initial group of Founders have over 200 years’ experience in the carpet and flooring market. All our newly recruited Tapi Team members are also passionate about customer service, floor inspiration and of course carpets and flooring. We are all convinced of the transformational effect a new floor can have on your home. If you need flooring ideas – Tapi Carpets are the people to visit!

We know what a huge difference new carpets and flooring can make to a room and understand how much care needs to be taken to deliver the high level of service our valuable customers deserve.

We’re blowing a breath of fresh air into the world of carpet shopping!

After our years of experience, we understand all the steps you need to take from thinking about which type of carpet, vinyl, laminate or LVT would suit you better, to the final fit and finish and vacuuming up after. We’re here to help all the way through from inspiring you with carpet or flooring possibilities, to arranging your perfect fit and beyond.

We’re turning carpet and flooring shopping into a joy

We’ve turned researching and shopping for your new carpet or flooring into an absolute joy! Our stores are a pleasure to visit, light and airy and bursting with inspiration for your new carpet or floor. You’ll feel relaxed to browse, and see possibilities for your home!

…and we value integrity above all else

Team Tapi is not satisfied with ‘good enough’. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it! We will never forget this is about your home, your family your needs and your dreams!