Free Measuring & Planning

Free Measuring & Planning

Book a home visit and we’ll bring our store to you!

Free Measuring & Planning

Hurrah! It’s time to choose some gorgeous new flooring for your home. But before you start getting giddy about choosing carpet colours or vinyl patterns, the first thing you need to do is measure your floor. This is where our expert floorologists (say it slowly: floor-o-lo-gists) come in. Many have over two decades of experience in the wonderful world of flooring, so they know their stuff. And when we come to measure, you can enjoy our 5-star service and flooring expertise in the comfort of your own home – for free!

What’s included in a home visit?

As part of our Measure & Planning service, we’ll happily come to your home and measure your room (or rooms) for your new flooring to make sure any quote we give is 100% accurate. Our floorologists will bring along a ginormous collection of flooring samples so you can see exactly what the carpet, laminate, or vinyl you love will look and feel like in your home. Using their flooring super-knowledge, they’ll help you plan your space and get you one step closer to your dream floor. Call us Goldilocks - we’ll make sure your new carpet, vinyl, laminate, or luxury vinyl is just right.

Can I measure my floor myself?

We’ve also put together a measuring guide to help you learn how to measure your floors and stairs like a pro. All you need is a tape measure, a pen or pencil (popped behind your ear to look extra professional), a piece of paper, and a ruler, plus a helpful assistant, if you can find one. That’s it – just pour yourself a cup of tea and you’re ready to take a look at our simple step-by-step guide on how to measure a room or how to measure stairs, hallways and landings.

Now we’ve got your measurements and your quote, here comes the exciting part – it’s time to decide what type of floor is the one that you want (ooh, ooh, ooh, honey). The good news is we could look at pictures of floors all day long so we’ve got loads of inspiration to help you find a beautiful floor you’ll adore. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our carpets, vinyl, laminate, and luxury vinyl (LVT), vinyl in real homes, and you’ll be a very Tapi customer soon too!