How to create a contemporary bathroom

How to create a contemporary bathroom

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Along with your kitchen, your bathroom’s probably the hardest-working room in your home. It’s used by everyone at least once a day, so it needs to be kept clean and hygienic. It might be a while since you’ve renovated your bathroom, so if you’re thinking about how to refresh it, you may need our contemporary bathroom design tips. We’ve gathered a list of ideas to transform your current space into a modern bathroom, bursting with enticing features and style.

Refresh your bathroom flooring

The ‘fifth wall’ of your contemporary bathroom needs to be functional as well as stylish. We’d recommend you choose either a laminate, vinyl or luxury vinyl tile as these are good looking and won’t warp or crack in the presence of steam, moisture or difference in temperature – all the occupational hazards of a bathroom! We’ve plenty of inspiration and information in our Ideas Hub, but if you need some general pointers on modern bathroom design, then the best rule is ‘less is more’. Get rid of the clutter, forget about maximalism and colour-clashing, and go for the most streamlined, monochrome designs in tiling or flooring you like. 

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Keep your fixtures sleek

Bathroom fixtures refers to toilets, cisterns, baths, showers, bidets – all the working parts of your bathroom! The choice is yours for what type of look you’d like, but the signature look for a modern bathroom is once again clean lines and an absence of detail or fuss. So, consider loos and baths that attach to the wall, rather than those with pedestals, integrated units and curved edges. To nail this trend, steer away from the Victorian-inspired bathroom trend for traditional fixtures with ornate touches. 

Let there be light

Mirrors, lighting, reflecting glass, it’s all about sparkle and shine in a modern bathroom design. You’ll want to bounce as much natural light around the room as you can, so make the window (if you have one) a feature, and don’t block it with a curtain or blind. Keep surfaces clear too to help with this (see below for decluttering tips). Install as many mirrors as you can afford and think about upping the power of electric light too. If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying new lighting, then give your existing fittings a good clean and replace the bulbs with the brightest LED ones you can find.

Hide the clutter

There’s so much to keep in a bathroom and it’s not always the biggest room in the house. So clever storage is key. If you have a place for everything and everything in its place, it’s more likely you’ll be able to keep the room tidy and create that calming atmosphere.

If you can fit in floor to ceiling cupboards, this is a great place to stockpile towels, toiletries, loo rolls, toothbrushes and toothpaste and cleaning equipment without having it on show. If space is at a premium, think about the unused spaces under the bath or under a sink. Or buy a hamper or cabinet in the same style and colour as your bathroom so that it blends in.

Include natural touches

There are so many benefits to bringing the outdoors into your bathroom. Plants absorb moisture, clean the air and get rid of bacteria preventing the build-up of mould. You can even have a plant in your bathroom if it doesn’t have a lot of natural light. For hard-to-kill houseplants, hoose ivy, aloe vera, ferns, snake plants or spider plants.

Looking at beautiful, living things has been proven to improve your mood and create a positive, relaxing vibe. Make sure your plant is sturdy and potted up well, so that none of the compost spills out onto the floor or surface and ruins your calming atmosphere.

Some people also tie a bundle of eucalyptus, rosemary or other fragranced plant to their shower head. Eucalyptus helps with clearing sinuses and lungs, and the presence of steam releases its essential oils and creates an aromatherapy session at home. The scent of rosemary is associated with preventing stress, increasing positivity and mental agility as well as helping with respiratory issues as well.

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Introduce a warm accent

Bathroom hardware such as taps or drawer handles traditionally come in silver or chrome to enhance that clean, clinical feeling. But the latest trend in modern bathroom ideas is to go for gold – or copper or brass. These warm-toned accents lean into two distinct styles; the fashion for industrial exposed brick and pipework, as well as the millennial fondness for rose gold. Change up your towel rail or lighting as well and introduce this precious metal everywhere you can, even in your bathroom flooring. If you want to splash out, then a copper-look bath is a great investment to make your bathroom glow.

Consider a contemporary bathroom design with Tapi

If you need more advice on the best flooring to suit your modern bathroom, then visit your local Tapi store today. Our floorologists will show you a collection of gorgeous flooring and we’re confident you’ll find plenty to suit your taste and budget. Alternatively, you can discover more decor inspiration, including the best flooring for wet rooms, how to create a chic blush pink bathroom, and marble bathroom ideas.

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Published: 18-01-2023