Flooring guarantees

Flooring guarantees

Enjoy peace of mind for years to come with free guarantees on many of our carpets and floors

Flooring guarantees

Most Tapi carpets come with a free manufacturers’ threadbare guarantee, which promises that your carpet will not wear out within a certain amount of time, so you can be rest assured the warranty has you (and your floor) covered for a long time to come - often as many as 10 or 15 years. That's extra peace of mind so you can put your feet up and relax.

How long is the manufacturers’ threadbare guarantee?

The length of the guarantee varies from carpet to carpet as each one is different. It depends what material the floor is made from, how it’s constructed, and its unique properties, before they calculate how long a floor will last before it’s worn out.

What’s covered by the guarantee?

Over time the appearance of your carpet may deteriorate depending on how you use it and this will vary from home to home. Stains, scratches, scrapes and marks are not covered by the guarantee. While regular cleaning will help to keep your carpet looking good, normal wear and tear is to be expected, like the carpet pile flattening down in busy areas of your home. If you’re not entirely satisfied, please return to the Tapi store you purchased your flooring from with your invoice and receipt, and we’ll visit your home to assess the condition of your floor.

We also have wear guarantees on laminate, vinyl and LVT too!

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