Best flooring for conservatories

Best flooring for conservatories

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Your conservatory is a sunny haven in your home, where you can soak up the sunshine and retreat for relaxation, comfort, or entertainment. During winter it can also get a little cooler, so having insulation ready to go can also be really helpful. So, when it comes to choosing conservatory flooring, it can feel like a bit of a challenge to ensure you’re ticking all the right boxes! Relax, we’ve got it covered with this handy guide about all you need to know to choose the best conservatory flooring for your space.

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What to consider when choosing conservatory flooring

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for your conservatory, there are a few things to consider:

  • It should feel warm and welcoming
  • It should work with your colour scheme.
  • It should be hard-wearing and durable.
  • It needs to fit with the space – so if you use your conservatory for entertaining, this will be different flooring than if you use it for growing plants.


This might seem like a lot of ground to cover just to pick out some conservatory floor ideas, but luckily, we’ve got lots of different inspirations to share with you to help you find just the right flooring to suit your home.

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Conservatory flooring ideas

There are so many different flooring choices that go well in conservatories, you may prefer the look of different flooring types.


Engineered wood is incredibly smart because it combines the beauty of solid wood with the sturdiness and durability of other materials to create an amalgamation that’s great for conservatory floors. The top layer of solid wood can come in a variety of different stains and finishes, and the layers of plywood underneath give it extra strength against heavy foot traffic, which is especially useful if your conservatory is always in use as a thoroughfare from the outdoors to the indoors.


Sheet vinyl flooring is a great alternative for conservative flooring because it’s so comfortable underfoot, and it adds a little personality to any room. Vinyl can provide the look of a tiled or wooden floor at a fraction of the cost and with significantly less maintenance. Tiled floors look great but can be cold and expensive, so vinyl is a great alternative because as well as being warmer and cushioned underfoot, it’s also more affordable and easier to fit. Take a look at our guide on how to fit vinyl flooring for more details.

Tapi's patterned vinyl collection incorporates beautiful designs that resemble tiles, wooden boards, stone and even geometric and herringbone patterns, so you won’t be short of choice when it comes to flooring ideas for your conservatory.



Another great flooring alternative in your conservatory is luxury vinyl. Our luxury vinyl planks and tiles are sophisticated and fresh. We can create the style you're after, whether it's a rustic wood look, an ornate stone effect, or a realistic marble tile finish using luxury vinyl, you can check out our guide to what is LVT flooring if you’re interested to know more.

This conservatory flooring option is smooth under your feet, versatile in its designs and has the benefit of being scratch and stain-resistant, making it a great alternative to carpet for those with young families and pets. It’s also possible to get designs that have registered embossing to follow the grooves and knots of a wooden pattern so it feels like real wood underneath your feet.


Similar to luxury vinyl, laminate flooring is made up of individual pieces slotted together and can mimic real wood. Made of a wood base, this flooring was created as a cheaper alternative to natural wood, and it requires much less maintenance. Laminate also comes in a great range of styles, so you can create the wooden conservatory flooring of your dreams, at a much cheaper cost than real wood.

Tapi laminate flooring comes from sustainably managed forests, and a new tree is planted for every tree that is cut down to make our laminate flooring, so you can also be assured that you are making an eco-friendly flooring choice with our laminate flooring for your conservatory. You can find out more about our sustainability commitments by contacting our sales and support team today.



While style and comfort are important, it’s important to bear in mind the practicalities of choosing a carpet for your conservatory. As well as being a cosy landing pad for your feet, conservatory carpet is a great sound and heat insulator.

Wool carpets can help to reduce noise, are plush and luxurious underfoot, and keep rooms warm and cosy. Saxony carpets are perfect for busy areas like conservatories where you walk through to get to and from your garden. They’re created from a mix of natural and man-made fibres so they’re resistant to wear and tear and can be easily cleaned. Hardwearing carpets are possibly the best carpet for conservatories as they are ideal for heavy footfall, dirt, scuff marks and, dare we say it, the occasional spillage.

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Modern conservatory flooring ideas

Choosing flooring for your conservatory should be fun. You can match the look that you already have going on in the rest of your house, or you can opt to create a different feel to this space with exciting flooring. You can use colour and texture to create an inviting space, make a style statement or even take some inspiration from the top trends we’ve handpicked for conservatory flooring this year.


Choosing bright colours will open up the room and make it feel bigger. Why not recapture the magical days of summer and go for gelato? Soothing ice cream shades like soft mint green, lemon sorbet and pastel pinks are in vogue right now and will create a feeling of calm. Balance the look with accessories in darker shades, such as a sumptuous leather sofa or dark wood rattan furniture to create a Mediterranean feel to your space.



For a cosier, more intimate feel that looks good in every season, choose a darker shade for your conservatory flooring – grey is very on-trend and looks stunning in a tonal colour scheme. Combine a dark grey carpet with soft grey walls and furniture or choose a textured design to add interest. Liven up the look with bright pops of colour in your soft furnishings and window coverings, and have fun with vibrant reds, tangy mustards, and bubble gum pinks.

But while grey may be fast becoming the new beige, neutral colours will never go out of fashion. The perfect way to make a room seem bigger and brighter, a neutral wood-effect laminate is also the perfect backdrop to play with colour in your furniture and accessories– what’s not to like?



From bold geometrics to pretty florals and sophisticated stripes, patterned carpet is a clever way to create a mood or invoke a particular era in your style scheme. Think country house cosiness, 1920s glamour or exotic design. Borrow a trick from interior designers and use a striped pattern to create the illusion of space in a room – use horizontal planks to make the room feel wider, and vertical lines will give the illusion of depth. This is great when you have a smaller conservatory to work with.

For more amazing conservatory flooring ideas and design options, visit our Ideas Hub and be inspired! Alternatively, you can also discover the best flooring for your kitchen and living room, if you fancy transforming your whole house to match your new conservatory!

If you want to check out some of the amazing flooring options we have available here at Tapi, why not come down to your local Tapi store to see them in person, or even book a home consultation for one of our experts to come out and help you decide?

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Published: 04-01-2023