10-year Fitting Guarantee

10-year Fitting Guarantee

We promise to fix any carpet installation issues for free!

A lot can change in a decade. Smaller, faster, and better technology. Different (and questionable) fashion trends. Maybe even your job and your home. But aside from the expected daily wear and tear, what shouldn’t change too much is your carpet. Therefore, we’re delighted to offer a 10-year fitting guarantee on all carpets purchased from and installed by us. If it’s not a perfect fit, we’ll fix it!

What does a 10-year fitting guarantee mean?

When your carpet, accessories and underlay are all purchased from us and fitted by one of our recommended fitters, you’ll qualify for our 10-year fitting guarantee. Hurrah! This means that should you encounter any issues with the installation within 10 years from the date on your invoice, we’ll fix them free of charge. The 10-year guarantee is included in our Delivery & Care package. There are a few things to remember to ensure your guarantee remains valid:

  • The flooring, underlay, and any accessories should all be from Tapi and fitted by our fitting partners
  • Your flooring must stay in the original location and not be moved or tampered with
  • Your flooring should be used only according to our recommendations
  • Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase (this has the date on to show if the fitting fault falls within the 10-year time frame)

Please note this guarantee relates to fitting issues only; for any wear issues, check the product warranty for details. For more information about our 10-year fitting guarantee, talk to a member of the Tapi team in-store.