What is TreadKindly?

At Tapi, we’ve been thinking about your home and the one we all share – our planet. It’s important to us to make conscious decisions about how we source our materials and how our flooring is made. So we’re proud to introduce our new TreadKindly Collection with sustainability in mind.

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Our Partners

Green energy
We prefer partners that use green energy. One is already using 100% windmills and solar energy, and aims to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2040.
Recycling water
One of our partners pumps local water into their vinyl plant, using minimal energy and resulting in a 30% increase in energy efficiency.
Reduced carbon footprint
As a business, we comply with all government directives, and we’re working closely with one partner that aims to have a zero carbon footprint by 2040.
Best practice
We’re working hard to provide thoughtfully sourced flooring for you and the environment, using recycled materials and eco-friendly products wherever possible.
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Raw Materials

Created from the agave, sisal’s a natural, 100% plant-based material. It’s beautifully textured, strong and produced with fewer fossil fuels than other flooring.
Using wool in our carpets and felt backing supports UK farmers. It’s fantastic for keeping in heat, repelling dirt, and it’s resistant to dust mites and allergens in the air.
Most of our laminate and all our engineered wood is certificated to stringent standards, and the timber is managed to preserve the trees’ diversity.
One of our partners reclaims an average 20,000 tons of vinyl in each of their recycling plants, resulting in previous resources being given a second lease of life.
Luxury Vinyl
Most of the luxury vinyl is recyclable and can be created from up to 50% recycled content. It also has low levels of volatile compound emissions.
Created from the husks of coconuts, coir is a 100% natural fibre that’s naturally absorbent so perfect for hallways and for wiping muddy shoes on.