What is the best flooring for a small kitchen?

What is the best flooring for a small kitchen?

It may not be the biggest room in your house, but a kitchen’s often where you spend a lot of time preparing meals, and where the whole family ends up hanging out. So, it’s a good plan to have small kitchen ideas in place to design and decorate it to its best advantage. In that way, you’ll get the right flooring you need and make it a welcoming place to be. If you take a moment to think about some small kitchen floor tile ideas, you’ll be able to create a room that becomes the heart of your home.

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Types of flooring

If you can, it’s a good idea to divide a small kitchen into defined areas. For instance, an area to sit and eat breakfast or watch TV, or for the kids to do their homework while you’re cooking. You could create a zone with a small change of flooring in a different pattern or style than in the other part of the kitchen. In that way, you can keep each area clear while other people use the room.

There are lots of different types of flooring you could opt for in your small kitchen:

  • Carpet and rugs
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Luxury vinyl
  • Engineered wood
  • Tiles
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Each of these types of flooring could be perfect in your small kitchen, but we know that every home is unique and that we all have different styles and preferences. So, here we’ll take you through the pros and cons of each, to give you a better idea of which one would suit your space best.

Carpet and rugs

As long as you keep it clean and stain-free, a carpet or a rug gives your small kitchen a focal point. Tapi sells a range of hard-wearing, stylish carpets that can add a finishing touch to a dining area.

Or why not try a stylish rug as a decorating idea in a small kitchen? Rugs offer a splash of colour and can make a narrow kitchen appear even longer than it is. Just make sure that it’s completely secure so that nobody trips over and remember to vacuum regularly to avoid spills or crumbs. Tapi offers a whipping service to turn any carpet we sell into a rug that fits your small kitchen exactly.


Laminate is water resistant, hard-wearing, and less expensive than hardwood floors. It’s also easy to fit and so versatile because it can duplicate the design of any other floor, like a tile. No wonder many people choose a laminate floor for their small kitchen. Laminates are also a practical choice if you’re thinking about covering the floor in a utility or laundry room or area in your kitchen thanks to their water resistance.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is another fantastic floor idea for a small kitchen because it’s non-slip, waterproof and wears very well in busy areas. It’s also easy to cut and fit as it can be laid down around existing units. So, there’s no need to have to move heavy cabinets or get out your screwdriver to dismantle your drawers.

Luxury vinyl

This high-end product is click-fitted to your floor like laminate or can be securely glued down, and is sold in planks in a tempting range of finishes, styles and colours. You’re bound to find at least one style of LVT that you’ll want to fit in your small kitchen.  You could choose a heritage theme with a Victorian-style design or go for something sleek and modern in a bold, dark shade.


Wooden planks are a timeless choice. They give a small kitchen a warm feel and are suitable for people who like a more traditional interior. If you can’t afford real wood, then there is a huge selection of flooring that has the same effect as real wood, including laminate and engineered wood. Engineered wood is so accurate in its look, with all of the natural imperfections like knots or grains or saw marks, you won’t be able to tell the difference. If you prefer sleek lines over rustic, then a herringbone pattern is a perfect choice.

Engineered wood is a clever product for your kitchen floor. It’s created with one decorative layer on top which is real wood, and multiple layers of composite materials underneath. The result is a good value alternative to solid wood, with the charm and warmth of the real thing but less likely to warp or shrink. And it’s easy to fit for a confident DIY fan. You can order engineered wood direct to your home and start your weekend home improvement project as soon as possible.


Your kitchen may be small, but your tiles don’t need to be. You may want to enjoy playing around with perspective by fitting extra-large tiles in a tiny space. It can create the illusion of making your space feel bigger and lighter. Light tones will make the room look bigger, while dark colours will make the floor look smaller. If you want further inspiration, we have plenty of lovely pictures from our happy customers who’ve created their dream small kitchens.

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More small kitchen ideas

A uniform shade brings the whole room together. Or why not think about going dark on the floor and then painting the walls lighter for a dramatic contrast? Or perhaps you’d prefer to look at a satisfying repeating pattern. Geometric shapes never go out of fashion and always look fresh and modern. The pattern also draws the eye, making a small kitchen seem larger.

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Published: 09-09-2022

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