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Chic flooring ideas for a blush pink bathroom

Chic flooring ideas for a blush pink bathroom

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Pink’s the colour of the moment for modern bathrooms, so much so that a particular shade of blush has been renamed ‘millennial pink’ because it’s been adopted by people born just before the turn of the 20th century. But it’s a colour that suits interiors for all ages – and it’s not just for women.

Three centuries ago, pink was the shade most associated with baby boys. It was considered a watered down version of red, the colour of strength and masculinity. It was only in more recent times that pink became a ‘feminine’ or romantic colour. By the 1950s and 60s, pink bathrooms were the height of fashion, with bathroom furniture or tiles in shades of ice cream pastels or bubble gum.

And now it’s back on trend, with a move away from white baths, loos and sinks, as people yearn for a little more colour in their lives. At Tapi, we’re bursting with pink bathroom ideas that’ll suit all budgets and styles, just read on.

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What flooring works best with pink bathroom decor?

Before you get out the DIY equipment to start work on your pink bathroom ideas, it’s best to spend a little time thinking about flooring. Naturally, you’ll need something water and slip-resistant and copes well with humidity and changes in temperature. Fully fitted carpet probably isn’t an option – although rugs are still worth considering as they can add comfort, colour and texture to a room.

We’d recommend vinyl, luxury vinyl or laminate as an alternative, as they’re easy to fit, hardwearing and come in a wonderful array of styles and finishes that look great and are good value for money.

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This is a fabulous choice for your pink bathroom décor. As this comes on a roll, there are no joins to worry about, so no danger of water seeping into gaps. It’s also a very affordable option, which means you can treat yourself to new flooring in your bathroom without worrying too much about the budget. Vinyl’s incredibly hardwearing, with a guarantee of up to 15 years. But the real beauty of vinyl is in its appearance and feel. There are so many styles to choose from!

Some of our favourite modern pink bathroom ideas include:

  • The black and white chequerboard effect. This timeless monochrome contrast will always look fresh against any shade of pink.
  • Light wood effect, which makes a smaller bathroom look bigger and introduces an element of calm. In fact, any tone of wood gives warmth and a traditional feel.
  • Concrete or stone tile effect – again, a traditional style, but with none of the disadvantages of coldness or the problem of water getting into the cracks. Modern vinyl is wonderfully soft and warm underfoot.
  • If you want to recreate the feeling of a sunshine holiday when you’re in your pink bathroom, then Tapi can help with a bright patterned vinyl that full of Mediterranean warmth and colour. Inspired by traditional tiles, it’s cushioned underfoot to create a welcoming feel first thing in the morning. The bold pinks, blues and sandy yellow evoke warm sunny days and are bound to cheer you up.
  • Geometric patterns – they add interest to an otherwise plain and functional room and don’t have any pesky grout marks that make cleaning difficult.
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Moisture-resistant carpet for runners or rugs

If you’re craving the warmth and comfort of something soft underfoot, you might want to think about adding a runner or rug to your pink bathroom. Tapi also offers a carpet whipping service where we will create a rug for you from any carpet in our gorgeous collection.

Lovely laminate for bathroom floors

You’d never know this flooring option wasn’t real hardwood. It looks so similar but it’s much more practical for a bathroom as it’s scratch and water-resistant. You can have all the gorgeous warmth of wood, with none of the hassles of keeping it from warping or cracking. Laminate is easy to fit and stays hardwearing and looks good. 

Luxury vinyl for bathrooms

As traditional wood isn’t practical in a bathroom, a fantastic alternative is luxury vinyl. It is fitted like planks of wood in an easy ‘click’ fitting system. Luxury vinyl comes with its own built-in underlay, so it’s lovely and quiet underfoot. For example,a jet-black herringbone pattern will add a touch of drama to any bathroom and make a striking backdrop to any pink walls, furniture or accessories. For added drama, why not take a look at these parquet flooring ideas, which will look perfect in your bathroom?

Flooring ideas for a chic blush pink bathroom

There are many ways to style a pink bathroom, it’s down to your own personal taste. You could create a neutral background, with a sophisticated pale floor, then focus your attention on the walls, painting, tiling, and wallpapering them in your favourite shade. You could keep the bathroom subtle in shades of beige, white or cream, then add pops of colour with pink bath mats, towels, light fixtures or accessories. 

An alternative is making the floor itself the main attraction, creating the wow factor with a bold pink or a dramatic dark grey or black.

For those who subscribe to the saying, ‘more is more’, why not go the whole hog and choose pink furniture, pink floor and pink walls? It’s a fun way to introduce a touch of maximalism to your home, as that’s a trend that shows no signs of disappearing. Alternatively, if you love nothing more than a pop of pastel, why not see how you can incorporate the Danish pastel interior design trend in your home? Tapi has partnered with the designer decorating brand Lick, and they’re offering a discount on their fabulous pink paints and wallpapers.

Our happy customers have sent in pictures of their home transformations to inspire you – take a look at some of their wonderful images in our Ideas Hub, as well as picking up lots of hints and tips too in our care guides.

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Published: 01-12-2022