How to dress a table for Christmas

How to dress a table for Christmas

For some it’s the days off work, for others, it’s the presents. But the highlight of most people’s Christmas is getting the whole family and friends together around a table for a festive feast, pulling the crackers, wearing the silly hats, and groaning at the terrible jokes. As all eyes are on the dinner, we’ve come up with some Christmas table-setting ideas for you to try.

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Make a list… and check it twice

At this time of year, there’s so much to think about, don’t forget your Christmas table decoration ideas. Take 10 minutes to sit down and compile a list of who’s coming and whether they have any special dietary requirements or favourite foods. Then walk around your table to work out whether you can physically fit them all in! Is it time to buy or borrow another table? Do you have enough chairs? Not everyone is happy sitting on a deckchair or stool.

Then take a kitchen audit to discover if you have enough plates, bowls and anything else for your extra guests. Do the same with cutlery. Once you’re fully in the know, and if you’re not prepared to buy a new set for the big day, then ask family and friends what you can borrow or what they could bring on the day. Make note of who’s supplying what so you’re not left without a crucial place setting on Christmas Day!

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Get others involved

Don’t become a Christmas martyr. There’s so much to organise, so it’s always best to share out the tasks so everyone feels involved and you don’t end up stressed and not enjoying the day. So, delegate, ask for help and if someone offers to do something, accept it gracefully, then tick it off your list. This could include anything from supplying napkins or a large tablecloth to making their renowned cranberry sauce, to offering to vacuum, walk a dog or take children off your hands for an hour so you can get on with other jobs.

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Choose a theme for your Christmas table setting

You may have a tried and tested look, using the same tablecloth or decorations that you’ve inherited or had for years. There’s no reason to change this or spend any more money – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But if you’re in the mood to switch things up, this is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

  • Perhaps you’d like to style your table and your tree to your existing décor? Then buy or borrow items in the same or toning shade. We like the sumptuous grey-silver look (see image), with its beautifully lush Christmas tree decorated in the same colour as the carpet and the furnishings. To recreate this look, we’d recommend our incredibly luxurious Caesar's Palace carpet
  • Are you planning a Dickensian-style feast? Then opt for traditional reds and greens, with splashes of tartan. And make sure you’re not being a Scrooge!
  • Do you prefer the more pared-back, Scandinavian look? Replace bold patterns with a simple runner, scatter tea lights and bring the outside indoors, adding pine cones, eucalyptus branches, holly or ivy to your Christmas table décor idea.
  • Or how about going all-out with multi-coloured fairy lights and all the bling? It’s fine to mix metals like silver, bronze and gold.
  • Maybe you want to veer away from the traditional colours of red and green and go for something more contemporary like blush pink. We like the way this neutral and modern room (see image) has been made more snuggly and welcoming with an injection of natural greens from the pine tree and plants, and how the sheepskin throws on the seats match the Christmas tree. The white runner has gold details which also echo the centrepiece and the tree decorations too. 
  • The room still looks festive and fresh when the table is cleared, as the natural wood of the table top matches the flooring, and the bottle-brush trees add quirky colour amid the real greenery.

Just remember, at Christmas, there are no rules – apart from doing what you love and don’t feel under pressure.

Decide who sits where

It’s not obligatory, but it might be useful to plan where your guests will sit. This may avoid any tensions, and it could be something you could get the kids involved with, too. Ask them to create place settings from card and paper, or cook some biscuits together then ice on each person’s name.

Start from the middle

If you want a centrepiece on your table, the most traditional one is a candle of some kind, often surrounded by Christmas foliage. You may want to make space to place down the turkey and all the other side dishes, so work out where everything is going to go. Consider if you have tiny children who may need to be supervised if there are open flames.

But if everyone is willing to behave, then you can transform any space cheaply and magically by lighting as many candles as you dare. If your budget doesn’t stretch to fresh flowers or greenery, then how about surrounding a candle with baubles from the tree? 

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Published: 01-12-2022