Wallpaper trends for 2023 you'll want to try

Wallpaper trends for 2023 you'll want to try

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While fads may come and go – think 1980s borders, or just one feature wall –in the world of interior design, wallpaper never goes out of style. This easy to copy visual art has evolved over the years, with a huge range of prints, textures and colours to choose from. In this guide, we’ll show you the latest wallpaper trends and predict what we think will be the most popular ideas for 2023.

Supersized prints

This style makes a strong statement and, like all wallpaper trends, it’s not for everyone. However, if you’re brave enough to go for a larger than average print, the effect can be eye-catching and joyful. Living with an oversized print is the opposite of minimalism and goes against the current fashion for having a home in neutral tones or shades of grey. Whatever pattern you choose for, the motto is go big AND go home!

The best way to achieve this look is to make the walls the star attraction, and keep the rest of the décor as a supporting role. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for beige carpets or sofas, although that look is always stylish and timeless.

With this trend, anything goes. You can also pile on the colour in the rest of the room, picking out the ones you like best from the wallpaper you’ve chosen. Or go even bolder and deliberately colour-clash for a huge impact, say with contrasting multi-coloured carpet, flooring, cushions, or curtains.

If you want to try this wallpaper trend but aren’t comfortable about committing to a whole room, then what about trying out a giant pattern in a space where you don’t spend all day, like a spare bedroom, a hallway, or a loo?

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Botanical and tropical

A perennial favourite, wallpapers with a floral or natural theme have now been brought into the 21st century. Interior designers suggest the reason why we continue to choose patterns of plants, flowers or leaves is our desire to bring the outside in, to keep our homes looking spring or summer-like and fresh even in the depths of winter. But as recently as the 2020 pandemic, they noticed wallpaper trends have moved towards the exotic, with jungle prints and large-leaved tropical patterns becoming more popular. It’s suggested because we all had to spend a lot of time indoors, we yearned to be outdoors or in the vibrant surroundings of a long-haul holiday destination.

The beauty of this trend is that it can be adapted to suit all tastes, from traditional chintz or delicate roses to big scale palms and Swiss cheese plant leaves. Some wallpapers transport you to the Caribbean or to Africa, and even include wild animals like tigers, leopards or monkeys. We’d suggest a green carpet or flooring to amp up the feeling of being close to nature.


The 1970s are back. In fact, the latest wallpaper trends are from any period in recent history you can think of, from the pastels of the 1950s, to the sun-and-moon designs of the 1990s. But the most popular are the ones that recall the 1970s, the decade previously considered the one that style forgot! To embrace this trend, it’s time to reconsider large-scale geometric patterns in greens, yellows and browns or psychedelic purples and blues. Tapi offer a collection of geometric patterned vinyls which nod to this trend.

Modern interior designers have reimaged this style in an elevated way – less migraine-inducing, more chic!


The monochrome look is for those people who want to move on from grey and silver, but not necessarily by adding too much colour on the walls. Black and white, or grey and white always looks chic, and this latest wallpaper trend allows you to introduce a pattern as understated or as contrasting as you like. It’s a look that works well with all styles of décor or flooring, and can become a sophisticated backdrop to brightly coloured furniture or to add some welcome interest in a neutral space.


Metallics – gold, silver, bronze and everything else – add another dimension. They sparkle and catch the eye, they gently reflect light, and of course, they make everything look more dramatic and expensive. When choosing this wallpaper trend, it’s a good idea to look at your own lighting as well, as this can make a huge difference in terms of how you achieve the look you’re after. You may prefer the atmosphere in your room at night when the metallics are illuminated by table lamps rather than a central ceiling bulb.

And if you want to add some twinkle to your toes, why not accompany this look with some sparkle in your carpet?

Wallpaper effects

For this wallpaper trend, it’s more about the reaction it creates rather than just how it looks. Some styles result in a 3D effect – known as ‘trompe l’oeil’, or ‘trick the eye’ in French – with clever use of perspective to make you think the flat paper has depth or the image is bursting out from the wall. Other styles mimic surfaces like wood or brick. Then there are techniques that add interest through changes in colour, or include strokeable, soft texture for your walls. We’ll explain more below.

Space for a surprise

If you’re ready to experiment with a pattern or colour, then the latest wallpaper trend is to find an unusual place in your home and paste the paper there. For instance, inside a bookcase, cabinet or corner and, for the brave, on the ceiling. Considered the ‘sixth wall’ (because flooring is the fifth wall), wallpapering your ceiling will encourage your family and guests to look up from the sofa, bed or dining table. It creates an unexpected focus and a talking point, and can transform an ordinary room into somewhere special.

Murals and panoramas

Yearning for a misty pine forest or the calm, terraced landscapes of Tuscany? Then go on holiday in your own home with a panoramic wallpaper. You may be old enough to remember Hilda Ogden’s ‘muriel’ in Coronation Street – but this wallpaper trend is much more tasteful! You can choose anything from a set of bookshelves, to a seascape, a fantasy world, an ancient map or a fake window. The best way to perfect this look is to let the pattern do the talking and keep the rest of the décor or flooring neutral.

Add texture

Textured wallpaper is back in fashion. This means everything from the flock styles that look like velvet hangings and last came to prominence in the 1970s, to collections that look like wood panels, brick walls or concrete. Again, developments in technology mean you can have a 3D effect so that it appears as if you have tapestry or fabric on your wall. You can enhance this look by choosing deep, jewel colours like navy or ruby red.


Another very effective style is the ombre or gradient wallpaper trend. Ombre means shaded, and this is simply a paper that shades from dark to light or vice versa. It’s a subtle way to add a colour without overwhelming the whole room or its furniture. It works best in a large space and there are plenty of wallpapers that go from one colour to a different one.

How to get the latest wallpaper trends at home

If you’re a confident DIYer, then you’ll probably take the latest wallpaper trends in your stride (in which case, you'll want to take a look at our guide on how to hang wallpaper). If not, you may want to hire a professional to create the look of your dreams, so you can be certain of the correct paste and equipment, ensure each roll matches up correctly, and achieve the effect you’re going for.

If you’re keen to find out more about the different ways you can incorporate the new interiors trends into your home, then visit your local Tapi store with a free store appointment to speak to our Floorologists, or book a free home appointment for our team to come to you if you'd like to find out more about Tapi's services and our flooring options. Alternatively, for more home DIY inspiration, head on over to our Ideas Hub, for guides on flattening a rug, painting a wooden front door, and more.


Published: 01-12-2022