Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom Flooring

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Choosing the right bedroom flooring can make or break your room. Nailing that perfect mix between style and comfort can turn your bedroom into the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day... just don’t blame us if you struggle to get up in the mornings!

Whether you’re looking for a thick, luxurious carpet to sink your toes into on a cold winter’s morning, or you’d prefer the sleek style and modern feel of laminate or engineered wood flooring, you can find the best flooring for bedrooms at Tapi. In this guide, we explore some of our favourite bedroom flooring ideas and discuss how you can put them into practice in your own home.


When you’re thinking about upgrading your bedroom flooring, you need to think about the following:

  • Comfort & Warmth. There’s no doubt about it, carpet is the softest and most comfortable bedroom flooring, but that’s not all...
  • Style. This is personal preference of course, but carpets, LVT, laminate and wooden floors all bring a very different look to a room.
  • Price & Longevity. The difference in price between different bedroom flooring options can be sizable. At the top end, you have real wood flooring and thick, luxury carpets. At the more affordable end, you can still find excellent vinyl, carpet and laminate options that look great and won’t break the bank.
  • Sound. Carpets are excellent for soundproofing, and with the correct underlay, laminate and vinyl can be too. Engineered wood and real wood tend to be noisier.
  • Underfloor heating. Due to their thickness, carpets may not work with underfloor heating.
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Which colour flooring is best for your bedroom?

Your choice of colour in your bedroom really is down to personal preference, but here at Tapi we’ve helped enough people with their bedroom flooring that we know what works, and how different colours and shades can be used to create your dream look. As a general rule, you should opt for either contrasting or matching colour schemes, particularly when it comes to light and dark tones. For example, if you’ve opted for a white bedroom floor, you may wish to contrast this with dark, or vibrant colour walls.

For example, when thinking about your bedroom interior with wooden flooring, light or white wooden flooring such as grey oak, maple, birch, ash or beech are ideal choices to create a light, airy and spacious feel in the room. Grey wooden flooring is currently very on-trend, and the real beauty of it is that it combines a modern yet timeless style, with neutral tones that work well with most other colour schemes, be they dark or light. Dark wood flooring such as chestnut, walnut, mahogany, ebony or dark oak can create a cosy and inviting feel. However, when paired with light walls, dark woods can still make a room feel large.

When you’re planning to upgrade your bedroom flooring, think of the furniture and soft furnishings you’d like to include too, and ensure they work together. Remember, you can use our room visualiser to see how our floors will look in your bedroom.

The same concept applies to carpets and other types of flooring, but of course with carpets in your bedroom, you have an even wider range of potential colours and patterns to choose from. With this, you need to consider colour theory:

Colour theory is the idea that different colours work well together, and others really don’t. If you want to create a relaxing and subtle feel in your bedroom, opt for analogous colours, with one dominant the other two to add flourishes. To make a statement, opt for bold, complimentary or split-complementary colours. 

Currently, shades of blue, grey, ochre, yellow and white are very fashionable and on-trend.

Bedroom Wooden Flooring & Engineered Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring in your bedroom is a fantastic choice for almost all styles of decor. From modern and minimalist, to rustic and traditional, and everything in between, they’re a great long term investment that combines both style and substance. The alternative to hardwood flooring is engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood is also incredibly long-lasting and durable, but modern construction methods make it easier to lay and can come in a wide range of finishes.


Real wooden flooring is a significant investment that should last for decades or more if cared for correctly. What’s more, they can be sanded and refinished many times, extending their lifespan further and offering an element of flexibility. 

Engineered wood flooring is even longer-lasting, and can be bought in a huge selection of styles and finishes, but if you change your mind in the future, you will likely have to replace the whole floor… a potentially expensive exercise!

There’s no way around it, wooden flooring in your bedroom is harder, colder and less comfortable than carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring. But… the addition of a soft rug or runner can bring some extra style and provide a soft place to plant those toes in the morning.

Choose wooden floors if:

  • You want the traditional look and feel that only real wood floors can provide
  • You want to make a statement with your bedroom floor
  • Price is less of a concern, and you’re happy with a long-term investment
  • You don’t mind the harder, colder feel under your feet, and don’t need sound-deadening floors
  • You have underfloor heating
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Bedroom Carpet

For many, carpet is the only choice of flooring for a bedroom. The sheer scale of colours, construction types, thicknesses, patterns and styles means you can find a bedroom carpet to work with any style of decor and at any budget.

Really, carpet is the ultimate in warmth, sound-proofing and comfort. It creates a cosy and inviting feel in your bedroom. Whether it’s to unwind after a long day, or stepping out of bed in after a revitalising sleep, the soft, warm feeling of carpet is hard to beat… especially in the winter months! Because your bedroom is generally lower traffic, you can invest in a thick, luxurious carpet without the worry that it will get trodden down or marked like it might in a living room or hallway.

If you’ve got little ones, live in a flat, or simply like peace and quiet, carpet in your bedroom is a great choice due to its sound-deadening properties. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, it works just as well in a kid’s room as it does a master bedroom.


Carpet is a great choice, but for some, it has its drawbacks. Carpet is, of course, harder to clean and is susceptible to stains and smells. Although this is less likely to be a problem in a bedroom as it would be in a living room or dining room for example. Carpet also doesn’t work well with moisture, so if you’ve got an ensuite, it may be worth going for a flooring option that can deal with damp better. You also need to check that your choice of carpet and underlay is compatible with underfloor heating, should you have it.

Finally, you have to consider that carpet has to be professionally installed and is not a job for a DIYer. Like wood flooring, it tends to be fairly permanent and changing your carpet can be a sizable investment in your home.

Choose carpet in your bedroom if:

  • You want maximum comfort, warmth and luxury in your bedroom
  • You need to keep noise down
  • You want the widest choice of colours
  • You don’t have to worry about moisture, stains and spills
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Bedroom Laminate Flooring

As an alternative to engineered or real wood floors, laminate flooring is an excellent choice for your bedroom. Providing the best of both worlds, it’s available in a huge range of styles, finishes and feels, is softer and warmer than real wood, is easy to care for, and is much more cost-effective. 

Much like real wood, you can find laminate flooring in light woods such as grey oak, beech, maple or ash, or darker woods such as chestnut, walnut or dark oak to create a range of different looks in your bedroom. What’s more, due to the way that laminate flooring is made, you can opt for a range of patterns including tiles, mosaics, parquet, herringbone or even striped. There’s also more choice with colours including blues, reds and even greens. Finally, modern construction methods mean that textured laminate flooring feels just like the real thing, and many of our products come with 15 or even 20-year wear guarantees!


Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice if you don’t want the investment of real or engineered wood but still want the appearance. It’s softer, quieter, easy to maintain, and still looks great. It works well with underfloor heating and if your DIY skills are solid, very easy to install yourself. Finally, if you want to change your style in the future, it’s not quite such a big effort compared to real wooden floors or carpet.

Choose laminate flooring if:

  • You want the traditional look and feel of wood without the high cost
  • You want a softer, quieter and warmer feel compared to wood
  • You want to make a statement with your bedroom floor
  • You want a non-traditional pattern
  • You have underfloor heating
  • You want to fit your bedroom flooring yourself
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Bedroom Vinyl Flooring & LVT

A final option for your bedroom flooring is vinyl or LVT (luxury vinyl tiles). Like laminate, vinyl flooring can come in a huge range of wood, tile or stone effect finishes, with realistic textures, but without the cost. In fact, if you want a hard-wearing, affordable yet fantastic looking floor in your bedroom, vinyl is hard to beat.

Because the finish is printed onto the vinyl which is then sealed, it’s a great choice if you want to continue flooring from your en-suite to your bedroom as it’s almost completely waterproof. Vinyl flooring in a bedroom is also soft and warm for that cosy feeling.

Many people associate vinyl flooring with kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms, but modern vinyl is so well made and comes with such a great range of finishes that many of our customers use it to create unique and homely spaces in their bedrooms.


Vinyl flooring is supplied on a roll so one single piece is measured and cut to fit your bedroom perfectly. This makes vinyl hard to install on your own and needs to be installed by professionals.

Vinyl is a great option if you have underfloor heating, and you want a stylish yet long-lasting floor in your bedroom. It’s also ideal if you want unusual designs such as geometric, mosaic, Victorian, Moroccan, stripes or more. The only limit is your imagination.

Choose vinyl flooring if:

  • You want a range of styles to choose from
  • You want bedroom flooring that is warm and soft
  • You want a long-lasting bedroom floor
  • You want an affordable flooring option
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Bedroom Flooring: Side by Side

Still unsure which flooring is best for your bedroom? Check out all or flooring below. Of course, if you still can’t decide, don’t hesitate to contact us online or visit us in store!







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