What is the best flooring for kitchens?

What is the best flooring for kitchens?

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Kitchens are at the heart of every home, where we create meals, memories and magical moments.  With that in mind, our mission is to make sure you have the best flooring for your kitchen that will withstand the test of time (and all those messy moments too!).
We could talk for days about the merits of vinyl, laminate and engineered wood flooring for your kitchen, but for those who want something clear and concise, take a look at this guide to help you find the best type of kitchen flooring for the heart of your home.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is an affordable and popular choice for kitchens, not least because it comes in a huge variety of looks and colours. Vinyl can be used to create the effect of a beautiful stone floor, ceramic tile, rich hardwood, or creative and eye-catching patterned designs. The options are endless.
Vinyl is hard wearing and slip-resistant, making it ideal for kitchens, and it’s super easy to lay and maintain. Also, the softer nature of this type of flooring comes from its felt backing, making it bouncy and comfy underfoot, so you can keep your toes happy and your valuables safe. All our vinyl flooring is ‘VOC free’ – which means it’s free from volatile organic compounds, making the coating environmentally friendly and better for your family
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Laminate flooring

A wooden floor looks great in a kitchen, and you can get the look and feel of real wood on a budget by choosing laminate flooring. Cost-effective, durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain - it’s a great option for busy, high-traffic family kitchens where there is sure to be something happening at all times. And to ensure your flooring withstands the trials of kitchen life, we’ve created water-resistant kitchen laminates that can withstand hours of moisture without bowing or bending.

Another reason laminate is one of the best floorings for kitchens is that it’s very easy to fit around your current fixtures and appliances, so you can refresh your kitchen floor without having to worry about replacing cabinets or removing anything.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tiles, sometimes referred to as LVT, are another example of an amazing type of kitchen flooring you could choose from, and we love that you can get fantastic cost-effective alternative realistic tile-effect flooring in the form of luxury vinyl flooring! If you’re on a budget, you can recreate that dramatic mosaic tile look you love for a much sweeter price and no one will be any the wiser! In fact, choosing from our extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring means you can create pretty much any look that you want with the added benefit of LVT being a lot easier to look after and hard-wearing. 

Things to consider when choosing kitchen flooring

We’re not typically ones to brag, but here at Tapi, our Floorologists have got some of the best kitchen flooring advice going! Here are their top tips to keep in mind when you start researching kitchen flooring ideas and trends:
  • What is the current surface of the floor like? Keep in mind that when you’re picking out new kitchen flooring, it’s got to go on top of the bare surface that lies underneath your floor. This means some flooring is going to work better than others – e.g. vinyl flooring works best when it’s laid on top of very even floorboards – find out why in our what is vinyl flooring guide. Find out what makes a good subfloor in our 4 signs of a good subfloor guide.  
  • What are your needs? You may need something stainproof and water-resistant to keep up with the demands of busy family life, or something that can lay easily over your underfloor heating - many people choose stone tiles, water-resistant laminate, or LVT because not only can they withstand everything a modern family can throw at them without losing their appearance, they’re also really easy to clean when accidents do happen.
  • What is your budget? Being aware of your budget is really important when picking kitchen flooring because you want to make sure you’re getting the best flooring for your money. Why not come into your local Tapi store and speak with one of our resident experts, who can guide you through our flooring and fitting prices and exactly what they cover, so you can know there will be no surprise bills after your lovely new flooring is fitted!
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Top kitchen flooring ideas for 2023: laminate, Luxury vinyl and vinyl

If you’re searching for ideas for what the best flooring for your kitchen could be, it’s a great idea to look at what is currently popular. Laminate, luxury vinyl and vinyl are all growing in popularity, and these options are constantly improving in quality and durability. 
We love these floorings for their easy installation, and you might be surprised to know that it can even be better than hardwood in a kitchen, because it doesn’t expand and contract in the same way as real wood, making it a more low-maintenance, hard-wearing and affordable option. But enough about our favourites – what does the UK population love right now?

Colour trends: deep and moody

There has been an exciting shift towards seeing darker and moodier tones used in kitchens recently, in the same way, that moody greys and navy blues are making an impact in fashionable living rooms and bedrooms. We’re seeing visions of navy-blue cabinets and burgundy red subway tiles, with fittings and fixtures in a simple white or cream to create a big impact against such a dramatic backdrop. A lot of the on-trend kitchens we love at the minute have a focus on grey as the central colour, which combines beautifully with industrial style-fittings and granite countertops – so modern! We think that adding in a splash of warm red or deep orange can be a great way to keep up with the deep and moody trend, by creating a warm and cosy space. Alternatively, you could incorporate marble flooring in your kitchen for a twist on the traditional look.

Colour and pattern: working the look

We’re big fans of the emerging kitchen trend of patterned floors and textured finishes that are predicted to become huge in the coming years. We can’t get enough of experimenting with large hexagon patterns, parquet and checked tiles – vinyl is a great way to achieve this edgy look at a fraction of the price! Monochrome looks are also getting us a little hot under the collar right now, with pale blonde and white woods mixing beautifully with steel grey and matte black kitchen cabinets for a look that could be straight off our Instagram recommended page.
As we’ve said before, the kitchen is the heart of your home, so finding exactly the right flooring that suits all your needs as well as looking good, is as important to us as it is to you. If you are looking for more kitchen flooring ideas and are seeking a little inspiration, why not visit our Ideas Hub, or discover the best flooring for small kitchens? Alternatively, you can book an appointment to speak with one of our resident Floorologists at your nearest Tapi store.
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Published: 26-01-2022

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