How to incorporate the Danish pastel trend at home

How to incorporate the Danish pastel trend at home

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New trends are coming to the forefront of interior design all the time – from cottagecore to Japandi style, there are so many new looks to take inspiration from! And one of our favourite new style trends is the very fun, very colourful, Danish pastel aesthetic. The whole trend is as sweet as candyfloss at a funfair – with all the cute pastel colours to match!

We’ll take you through what the Danish pastel trend is, what its key features are, and how you can achieve the Danish pastel aesthetic in your home through your wall colours, your flooring, your home décor and all the little bits in between!

What is Danish pastel style?

Luckily, this style isn’t hard to decipher, as it says what it does on the tin! This trend focuses on the Scandinavian style, like that which is popular in countries like Denmark and adds a splash of pastel colours on to it to make it brighter and more youthful. The funky colours and décor offset the traditionally minimal furniture and clean lines associated with Scandi chic style, but this style is definitely still for adults.

The sweet sorbet shades are playful and fun, but they can also create beautiful moments of colour in an otherwise neutral space. White walls are still a big feature, and neutral flooring plays a big part in letting the pastel shades take front and centre, but they make for a solid base on which you can create your own ice cream-coloured showstopper.

It’s characterised by more creative and colourful freedom, so the constraints of minimalism are less noticeable in the Danish pastel trend. Accessories and unnecessary are still kept to a minimum, but the Danish pastel décor that is still on show is much more eye-catching and exuberant.

How to craft your own Danish pastel interiors

Create your own soft rainbow style with these Danish pastel style tips:

  • Keep your walls and flooring neutral for a solid base, or stick with one pastel colour across both to go more extreme.
  • Use simple, light and happy colours throughout your furniture and décor
  • Warmth is still very important, and you can bring that in with textiles, warmer shades and literally with warm flooring.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how you can achieve this style in your own home.

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Danish pastel flooring

The key to making your space work with the Danish pastel trend is to keep it neutral – and while you’re first thought might be of beige carpet, there are lots of ways you can make your background neutral while still using colours you love. You can actually create a classic base for your room by making your flooring and walls a similar colour.

In traditional Scandi style, this looks like white walls and light wooden floorings like laminate or engineered wood, but for Danish pastel, this could be a light blue carpet paired with pastel sky-blue walls and cloud wallpaper. By keeping the walls and flooring in similar shades, you can introduce different pastel shades that will stand out more, and the room will look cohesive towards a singular colour palette.

Danish pastel trend furniture

Next, you’ve got your big-ticket furniture items – in a living room, this would your seating arrangement, bookcases, a TV stand if you have a TV, etc. These items don’t necessarily have to be in pastel colours too, but they should lend themselves well to the Danish pastel décor style. For example, a black bookcase with lots of intricate details is going to detract from your gorgeous pastel décor pieces, so opt instead for a clean line of floating shelves in a natural wood colour, or an old bookcase you don’t mind painting white or a deeper shade of your favourite pastel colour.

Pastel Danish room décor

Trinkets play a big part in pastel Danish décor because good craftsmanship is still at the core of this style like it is for all Scandinavian-influenced trends. You’re still creating a calm and inviting space for yourself and the other people who live in your home, so the purpose and intent of your décor should still be practical – vases are for putting flowers in, trinket dishes are for holding your jewellery or your keys, and books are for reading and enjoying. This trend still has a focus on sustainability, and that means not just buying décor for the sake of having it lying around – it should bring you joy.

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Create your own Danish pastel room décor

If you feel like getting crafty, there are lots of easy DIYs you can make that fit perfectly with the Danish pastel style trend – try painting your own pottery at a studio with your friends! A pastel-coloured glaze on a clay vase fits perfectly into this trend, and it will mean even more to you if you made it or painted it yourself.

You can also create artwork out of shells you might find on the beach – painting them in pastel colours and hanging them from a string of fairy lights is a great minimal decoration to any room, and adds both a pop of colour and some whimsy. You could also take older items that you’ve fallen out of love with and give them a glow-up with some spray paint or metal paint, like an old standing mirror – giving it a splash of pastel pink paint will give it a new lease of life, and it’s an inexpensive addition to your home as you only have to buy the paint.

You can also create your own pastel-coloured rug for your space using our carpet whipping service – buy any of the gorgeous soft-coloured carpets in our collection and turn it into an area rug for your bedroom or living room to fit seamlessly into your new style.

Why not pop into your local Tapi store to chat with our expert floorologists about how you can achieve the Danish pastel aesthetic? You can even bring our experts to your front door by booking a free home visit – we’ll bring samples with us of everything you’d like to try, and you can begin the journey of creating your own dreamy Danish interiors. Alternatively, discover more ways you can incorporate this trend at home, including our blush pink bathroom decor ideas.

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Published: 06-03-2023