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How to incorporate wood into your bedroom design

How to incorporate wood into your bedroom design

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When it comes to creating a bedroom that feels cosy and inviting, there are so many ideas and design styles you could try, but one that will always work best is incorporating wood. Whether you like the striking colour of oak or the contrast between light and dark planks laid together, bringing this natural element into your space is guaranteed to make you feel calm and in touch with nature.

We’ll provide ideas and inspiration for incorporating wood elements into your bedroom décor, from wooden flooring, furniture, accent walls, headboards, and decorative pieces to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Wooden floor bedroom ideas

The most obvious place to start incorporating wood into your bedroom design is with your flooring – wood is a classic choice in any style of home, and there are so many different colours, shades, and styles to work with that you can make wooden flooring work for any style you love.

And nowadays, you don’t have to fear the high cost of installing solid wood floors – laminate and engineered wood flooring are the better-protected options that could last you for many years without having to sand, wax or polish them. With so many options to choose from, how will you pick which flooring suits your bedroom style best? Here are our suggestions for styles you can choose.

Light wood floor bedroom ideas

Light and pale wooden floors are a fantastic option for neutral-coloured spaces, and a great choice for your bedroom, where you want to feel calm and relaxed. Lighter flooring also works well in a bedroom because it can require more regular cleaning than darker flooring, and bedrooms tend to be less busy than living rooms and kitchens for example. Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate light wood floors in your bedroom:

  • Light wood floors can lend beautifully towards a coastal design style, so bring in soft tones of blue, cream, and green to keep the natural effect in your décor elements too.
  • If you want to keep your room entirely neutral to keep in with your light flooring, incorporate more textures into the space so it doesn’t look bland, such as boucle cushions, a fluffy rug, and wooden furniture.
  • You can also treat your light wood floors as a neutral colour, so bringing in pops of colour in your décor and furniture won’t clash with your flooring. Yellows, pinks, and reds will all resonate with the undertones in your flooring.

Dark wood floor bedroom ideas

Darker wooden floors can seem like quite a traditional style, especially in older homes where they are paired with smaller rooms and sometimes even panelled walls in the same colour in particularly grand homes. However, dark wood can provide a rich backdrop to any type of space and works with lots of different styles you might like.

  • Pull more light into the room with lighter-coloured walls and layering rugs – our guide on how to layer rugs can give you all the tips you need to make this look artful and stylish.
  • Dark wooden floors in a rich tone can add much-needed warmth to a monochrome room and set off the shades of black and white beautifully.
  • Add interest to your darker floors by laying them in a herringbone or chevron pattern to bring a timeless feel to a contemporary bedroom – our guide on herringbone vs. chevron gives you all the lowdown on how to pick between the two styles.


Grey wood floor bedroom ideas

Most of the time when we think of wooden flooring, we think of varying shades of brown, but grey wooden flooring is also a great option for your bedroom. Some grey wooden flooring comes naturally in this pale shade, from wood types like Blue Mahoe and Siberian Larch. You can also get the effect of these naturally grey woods with our grey luxury vinyl floor tiles, whether you like a darker slate tone or a light birch colour.

  • Darker greys can be well suited to your bedroom, creating an intimate and cosy feeling, and adding in warmer tones with other wooden elements, and cosy décor like fluffy blankets and cushions will help it to feel warm too.
  • Light grey floors can help to maximise light in your space, bouncing natural light around the space – if you struggle for natural light, then try bringing in a large mirror to help move the light around more.
  • Grey could feel like a washed-out colour if you pair it with too many neutrals, so be sure to bring in some colour, even if it’s pale pastels or some black in the form of picture frames and décor.

Wooden wall bedroom ideas

Bringing wood into your bedroom doesn’t just need to come from classic wood flooring – wooden walls are a timeless feature that can come in so many different styles! Here are just some ways you can use wood on your walls to bring some interest to your bedroom:

  • Panelled walls – using wood strips, you can create the effect of a panelled bedroom, and paint it in your favourite colour
  • Feature wall – Create an unorthodox feature wall using wood, such as a rich, grained wood that you could look at for hours as you lie in on a Sunday.
  • Tamboured walls – This style of laying wooden beams close together to create a textured wall looks great behind your bed as a statement headboard.
  • Wooden panels inside nooks – If your bedroom has small recesses or open wardrobe space, you can panel the back of it with wood to turn it into a beautiful feature of your room.
  • To get the cabin feel, go a step further and panel your ceiling with wood! This will make your room feel rustic and cosy and pairs well with white walls and comfy carpets.

Wooden bedroom décor ideas

Finally, another way you can bring that natural wood effect into your bedroom is with your décor and furniture! Here are some ways you can style your bedroom with wooden elements:

  • A wooden bed frame – Whether you want to keep it minimal with a minimalist bed frame or go all out with an extravagant wooden headboard, wooden beds are a beautiful addition to any bedroom.
  • Matching wooden furniture – Matching your furniture, from your bedside drawers to an armoire or a wardrobe, there are lots of ways you can create a seamless wooden style in your bedroom.
  • Wooden seating – A wooden bench at the end of your bed is a great addition to any room or a vintage wooden chair for you to sit on while you get ready in the morning.
  • Wooden art and picture frames – hanging wooden frames and even art that’s made from wood can make for a natural feature that stays timeless.

If you love these wooden bedroom ideas, then you’re going to love our range of engineered wood and wood-effect flooring – why not pop into your local Tapi store and check out some of the free samples you can take home to try in your bedroom? Or, you can book a home visit with one of our floorologists, who will come to your home and tell you what flooring they think will fit perfectly in your space.


Published: 29-08-2023