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Interior trends: metallic kitchen accents

Interior trends: metallic kitchen accents

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Do you love home décor with a shine to it? If you do, you’re either part magpie, or you’re a big fan of the metallic accent trend. Gold, silver, bronze, and copper are all incredible additions to your kitchen, and we’re going to show you how to use them in different ways to make your kitchen gleam.

We’ll explain the metallic kitchen design trend and where it all began, and take a look at how this trend has morphed into its modern take. We’ll also explain the different ways how you can incorporate metallic accents in your own kitchen, from your flooring to your walls, to your appliances and home décor.

What is metallic kitchen design?

Often referred to as metallic luxe, this design concept uses precious metals and rich tones to convey a sense of luxury and high-end style. The shiny décor elements don’t have to dominate to make an impact – after all, a glimmer of gold in any area of your home will stand out. Mixing classic materials like copper, brass, gold and silver with luxe colours like ruby red and emerald green, plus high-end materials like marble, velvet and quartz, creates a stunning effect.

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History of metallic kitchen accents

So where did the metallic luxe trend come from? The sleek accents and exuberant finishes of the metallic kitchen trend first widely came into play in the decadent Art Deco movement of the 1920s, when metals played a big part in interior design, particularly brushed gold, and polished silver, but it can be dated back to the Victorians (and we even have a guide on the increasing popular trend for Victorian kitchen designs!). By the 1940s, stainless steel was the benchmark for kitchens for its futuristic look and sleek durability.

Metallic accents in kitchens were toned down significantly in the decades that followed, before making a big comeback in the 2000s – many kitchens were beginning to look more masculine and neutral. The introduction of the industrial design aesthetic also added to the popularity of metallic accents and appliances, which brings us to the modern-day interpretation of metallic luxe.

Modern day

Metals like chrome, steel, and nickel have long been used in kitchen fixtures, but metallics are now appearing in almost every aspect of design. From feature walls to flooring and touches of décor, metallic luxe is back in a big way. Taking commercial kitchens as their influence, stainless steel appliances are a force to be reckoned with in modern kitchens, as the metallic accents make the room feel sharp and clean.

The addition of polished brass and burnished gold adds to the luxe element, elevating a kitchen from just a functional room to an aesthetically pleasing one too. Metal pans hanging from metal rods over the cooker or kitchen island are very popular, as well as mixing different hardware to offer the best of both cool and bright-toned metals.

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How to incorporate metallic kitchen accents

Here are some of the ways you can take this style and apply it to your kitchen to give it the metallic luxe feel, from the floor to the walls to your décor:


When it comes to metallic luxe flooring, there are many routes to go down. Try balancing out your metallic accents with a more natural flooring, such as engineered wood or wood-effect laminate. The brown, organic shades of wooden flooring complement the gold and brass tones of metal accents and provide a pleasing contrast to silver and steel.

Another way to amp up the ‘luxe’ aspect of metallic luxe is to introduce some stone flooring, such as stone effect vinyl in a marble pattern. You can also introduce some history of the trend using Art Deco style flooring that combines metallic accents with geometric shapes. Our stone effect LVT flooring has an amazing variety of products that look and feel luxurious but will leave you with plenty of budget left to splash out on those real metallic accents. For more inspiration, take a look at our guide to the best flooring for modern kitchens.


If you want to let your metallic accents take front and centre, keep your wall colours neutral – a smoky grey or deep matte brown can be a great backdrop for showing off light gold accents or silver and steel. Alternatively, you can lean into the ‘luxe’ by pairing bold metallic accents like deep gold and copper with jewel tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue, which allow the rich colours to play off of the shine and tone of the metals. You can also add an incredible metallic splashback to make that area the central focus of the room – for instance, a copper backsplash looks incredible when paired with soft grey cabinets and dark black flooring.


Amplify one or more of your favourite accent colours by choosing metallic appliances. For example, pair together stainless steel fridges and ovens with stainless steel hob dials and appliances like your kettle and coffeemaker for a seamless look.

By adding gold or copper taps to the sink area, you can make it an eye-catching focal point. Brass taps can also create a retro-meets-modern look when paired with marble countertops and a deep farmhouse sink.


Adding metallic handles to your kitchen cabinets will keep them looking sleek and modern for years to come – to achieve a high-end contemporary feel, try brass or gold cabinet handles. For a cool, Nordic look, pair silver handles with white units. Copper finishes play into the 'modern-meets-classic' era of vintage, rustic, farmhouse, and industrial design styles.

You can make a real statement with an oversized pendant light shade in a coordinating metallic tone, or you can add a row of small pendant lights above your kitchen island or dining table for a more subtle look.

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Create your own metallic kitchen design

Designing your own metallic kitchen can come with a lot of decisions, so why not let our floorologists help you decide which patterns and styles will suit your home best by booking a free home appointment or free store appointment today?

If you’re still in the stage of gathering inspiration, why not check out our handy flooring finder, which can help you find the perfect floor to suit your style if you're still unsure about which flooring would work best in your space? If you prefer, explore our website to learn more about the different types of flooring we offer or browse our Ideas Hub to find inspiration and colour palettes for your new flooring, as well as more trend advice, such as our guide on creating a country-style kitchen!


Published: 04-01-2023