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Spa-inspired bathroom décor to try

Spa-inspired bathroom décor to try

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The tranquility and bliss that comes from a spa visit can be difficult to bring back to our chaotic lives, but there are some subtle changes you can make in your home that can bring that indulgent feeling into your home at any time. We all need time to unwind and recharge our batteries, and what better place than in your own spa-inspired bathroom?

Whether you want to bring just a touch of luxury to your every day, or you want a completely immersive spa experience, we’ve covered the must-have materials, lush finishes and décor that will transform your bathroom and give you a boost to your well-being too.

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How to make your bathroom look like a spa

Spas are perfect for pampering and relaxing and bringing that feeling into your home can feel a far way off when you have damp towels hanging over the door and kids’ bath toys scattered all over the floor. But with a quick tidy and some added elements, you can create your own harmonious space to focus on yourself. We’re going to let you into our style secrets so that you can take your bathroom from subpar to spa!


You may have noticed that spas and treatment rooms tend to have low, moody lighting that glows softly to encourage you to close your eyes and unwind. You can easily create this style of lighting with a blackout blind on any windows, and multiple small sources of light like candles or lamps – although not too close to your bath or shower!

Opt for ambient downlights instead of harsh overhead lights, and having soft lighting around any mirrors or vanities will help to give you a gentle glow when you’re applying skincare, makeup, or even just popping in your contacts in the morning. It’s also good to play with the natural light on offer in your bathroom – white or light-neutral walls will help to bounce more of that light around.


Fluffy soft towels and bathrobes are a luxurious addition to any spa, and in your own bathroom, they’ll envelop you in comfort and warmth, perfect post-bath or shower when you want to pamper yourself and wind down before stepping back into the real world. Absorbent materials like cotton and bamboo are perfect for the job, as they’ll not only soak up everything, but they will stand the test of time, as they wash well too.

You can display your towels on open shelving in a rolled-up style to elevate your space and make them easy to access. If you want to take your towelling time seriously, you could also invest in a towel warmer or heated towel rack to keep your towels toasty while you bathe.


Your flooring will make a big difference to how your bathroom experience feels – as with towels, you want your flooring to feel warm and comfortable under your feet. Vinyl is perfect for this, because it has built-in cushioning that feels great under your feet, and it also works well with underfloor heating, the ultimate luxury. Our guide to the best flooring for underfloor heating has plenty of guidance on the different flooring types and how well they work with underfloor heating systems.

You could also consider the bathmats and other flooring coverings you have in your bathroom – like with your towels, absorbent materials will work best, but some natural materials are also gorgeous as well as practical in bathrooms, including sisal or jute rugs.

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Cluttered shelves and countertops are not conducive to relaxation – in fact, they’re more likely to rile you up! So investing in some extra storage will help make your bathroom a space to take a breath and relax – after all, physical clutter only adds to our mental clutter, so clearing away anything that isn’t going to add to your spa experience is key.

You could opt for a cabinet that sits underneath your sink, or wicker baskets that can sit on open shelving that keeps clutter out of your eyeline. You should prioritise your counter space and open shelving for items that you use daily, but it’s always good to have a place to tuck your toothbrush away for when you want to engage in full spa escape mode.


You want to engage all your senses to help you relax, and that means that as well as tidying and dimming the lighting to relax your eyes and wrapping yourself up in the fluffiest towel on the comfiest floor, you want to infuse your bathroom with smells that instantly take the tension out of your shoulders.

How to make your bathroom smell like a spa

Everyone has certain scents that transport them to a place of mental clarity and peace, and bringing them into your bathroom will turn it into a sanctuary for your senses. Whether you love the floral scent of lavender or the woody scent of sandalwood, there are lots of different scents you can try to find the perfect tranquil mood. How you infuse your bathroom with that scent can vary:

  • Lighting candles and incense, when you have a bath, adds a drop of luxury instantly
  • Hang a bundle of fresh or dried flowers in your shower to get a burst of scent every morning
  • Use scented soaps and matching lotions during and after your shower or bath to fill the room with luxurious smells that you’ll continue to catch throughout the day
  • A scented diffuser will keep your bathroom constantly smelling fresh and uplifting, so try picking one with an aromatherapy scent like lemongrass, ylang-ylang, and bergamot. If you’d like the lovely aroma we have in our stores, you can buy our Breeze reed diffuser when you pop into your local Tapi store.

We have lots more ideas of how you can use scent and your senses to have a tranquil spa experience in your own bathroom in our guide on how to have a spa day at home.

Easy spa bathroom ideas

Are you looking to change your bathroom into an idyllic spa retreat with little to no effort? Here are some quick and easy changes you can make to transform your bathroom into the oasis of calm you need right now:

  • Declutter your old shampoo bottles and old make-up – only keep what you want to use and make some space!
  • Bring some of your plants into your bathroom – you’ll enjoy having natural touches while you relax, and they’ll get a little boost of humidity.
  • Use your fanciest soaps – there’s no point keeping them for a special occasion, you might as well use your fancy soaps and feel good afterwards.
  • Bring fresh PJs or a freshly washed and dried bathrobe or dressing gown with you – you’ll feel amazing when you step into your warm clothes all clean and moisturised.
  • Lock the door – no one is allowed to interrupt this time, so keep everyone else out while you take time for yourself.
  • If you have the room, bring a comfy seat in with you – you can read your book or put on a facemask while the bath runs and the room fills with mood-boosting fragrances.

If you’ve tried these tricks and you’re still not feeling that luxury spa feeling, then it might be time to pop down to your local Tapi store and pick up some samples of our sophisticated bathroom flooring options – our guide to the best flooring for bathrooms also has plenty of inspiration you can take to pick a new flooring for your bathroom to elevate your space to spa status.

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Published: 08-08-2023