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White and cream bedroom design ideas

White and cream bedroom design ideas

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White and cream bedroom furniture and style have been the preference of interior designers for decades, and it’s still as popular as ever. Creating your own signature white bedroom style is easy when you know how to match textures and shades, and especially when you know how to incorporate your style and tastes into it too.

We’re going to take you through the fundamentals of a white or cream bedroom design, including what furniture, flooring and décor will work best, as well as some inspiration you can take to give your white or cream bedroom design a characteristic edge that you’ll love forever.

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Why is white bedroom décor so popular?

White is shown to be a calming and relaxing colour, especially because it makes a bedroom seem minimal and clean. It’s also incredibly versatile as a base colour and means you can layer accent colours around it, meaning you can have white walls and flooring and easily let your personal style still influence a space.

White bedroom furniture and décor are also elegant and graceful, bringing with them a sense of peace and tranquillity. Often, you’ll hear white bedding and curtains in a room described as ‘hotel-like’ because the plain-coloured bedding is reminiscent of what you’d find in a tropical villa or luxury hotel room. Adding in texture and shades of white and cream can elevate a bedroom from drab to fab, and really make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary space.

How to create a white bedroom design

The fundamentals of a white bedroom design begin with a few basics: flooring, walls, and furniture or décor. Here are some of the ways in which you can use different elements and shades of white to create your own white bedroom design:

White bedroom flooring ideas

White flooring may not be your first option if you have little ones or pets, but your bedroom is probably one of the best places to be adventurous with your flooring. Experiment with a modern farmhouse looks with white laminate flooring in an aged effect, to give you the look and feel of a converted barn or traditional property that’s been upgraded. Alternatively, go for a very sleek contemporary look with white vinyl flooring in stone or marble effect to give your bedroom an elevated and elegant look.  

White LVT is another great option that would contrast well with coloured rugs or black furniture thanks to its high gloss and intricate detail. These options are also budget-friendly and come with some incredible benefits, which you can read more about in our care guides. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance, which means you don’t need to worry about cleaning every day. If you want to keeping those white floors white, then you can always get a large area rug that is machine washable to take care of the brunt of any dirt or dust.

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White bedroom walls ideas

White walls are the perfect backdrop for any kind of décor, and ar a nod towards Scandinavian interior design. There are so many ways you can inject personality onto a simple white colour – these tips are especially helpful for renters who can’t change the colour of their walls. Colourful wall décor like gallery walls or hanging a rug (we’ve got a great guide on hanging a rug on a wall you can check out) are great options, as well as wooden accents like beams, for a cottage core feel, and wooden ceilings for a nautical vibe. 

You can also play around with texture here, opting for white wallpaper with colourful accents, or white wall mouldings that can elevate your room to Parisian chic – we have another great guide to follow if you love Parisian chic style. Just make sure that you regularly clean your white walls, so they always look their best!

White bedroom décor ideas

White bedding and soft furnishings will require more maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking crisp white. But you can also incorporate more of that white colour with lamps and ceiling lights, white curtains and blinds, white bedframes and side drawers, and even white accessories like mirrors and vanity tables. You can still keep accent colours bright for your bedding and the furnishings you think could get stained easily but keep the room light and airy with those white walls and flooring.

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How to create a cream bedroom design

If you want to opt for something a little softer, then cream is a great choice. Here are some ways cream can look incredible in your bedroom design:

Cream bedroom flooring ideas

Cream is a softer and warmer neutral, and one of the best ways to bring that softness in is with a cream carpet – whether you prefer the traditional look of a cream tartan carpet or the luxurious style of a plush Saxony carpet, there’s a cream carpet to suit every space. Carpet is great for bedrooms because it makes the room feel warm and cosy, and the different shades of cream are also great at making a room feel warmer and mellow, a wonderful feeling for a relaxing bedroom.

Cream bedroom walls ideas

As with white walls, cream is a great base colour that works well with many different accent colours. It does work especially  with other warm shades like browns and neutral shades. Texture and accents can be brought in with warm black picture frames and wooden décor. Cream not only makes a room look cosy, but it can make a room feel much bigger too, so painting your skirting boards and your walls the same colour can heighten your room and increases the warm, inviting feeling.

Cream bedroom décor ideas

Layering and textures are the best ways to make a cream and neutral bedroom style work – a cream linen headboard is a great example. Why not try layering rugs too? Our guide to layering rugs has all the info you need to create a super interesting design on your floor with different textures to create a unique look. Cream and boho are two words that will always go together, and boho accessories like tasselled cushions and rugs, rattan and wood accents are perfect in an all-cream everything bedroom.

Cream and white bedroom inspiration

If you’d like to see some more visual inspiration of the ways in which you could incorporate white and cream bedroom design into your space, check out our flooring ideas page, which is packed with our client’s pictures of their own homes. Our Ideas Hub has loads of fresh ideas and style inspiration, including continuing the theme with our white kitchen design ideas, or you can come down to your local Tapi store if you want to speak to one of our floorologists about different flooring options.

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Published: 04-01-2023