Achieving Art Deco design in your home

Achieving Art Deco design in your home

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Art Deco is a style made popular nearly 100 years ago in the Roaring 1920s when prohibition was in full swing, and a glamorous lifestyle was much sought after. Nowadays, Art Deco design is making a comeback in modern homes, with it named one of Instagram's top interior design trends, and there are so many ways to incorporate this style into a contemporary space!

We’ll take you through what Art Deco style is and how it’s defined, as well as some of the key basics to really nail the style. We’ll then discuss how you can incorporate these elements into your own home to add a little vintage glamour to your life.

What is Art Deco style?

Art Deco was more than just an interior style – it was an entire movement. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, this style shaped buildings, bridges, furniture, and everyday items like radios and cars. Streamlined, aerodynamic principles developed from aviation and ballistics testing during World War 1 helped to lend a design element to this style, and it created a new, modern look for people to adopt at the time.

The history of Art Deco interior design

Modernism was turned into fashion through Art Deco design during the 1930s. It sought to create an elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication through its luxury items that were individually crafted and mass-produced. Exotic materials became more commonplace, like mother of pearl, ivory, lacquered wood and decorative inlays on furniture and buildings.

A polished look was also very popular at this time, which saw the use of lots of different metals such as silver, nickel, and steel (take a look at our guide to metallic kitchen accents, for more inspiration). Art Deco furniture was largely a modernised version of traditional French furniture, made with exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious materials, but simpler and with cleaner lines, as well as the rounded, aerodynamic effect that was used on buildings and home décor.

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How to create modern Art Deco interiors today

Now that we’re a century after the original 1920s, the style is beginning to see a revival amongst interior designers, stylists and Instagram interior fanatics. Bring the glamour of the 1920s to the modern day with some of these tips and tricks to bring Art Deco interior design into your home:

Start with your foundations

Your foundations are key to pulling the whole look together – your wall colours and flooring will serve to make your style so much better when you pick complimenting looks. Darker wood tones are more favourable for Art Deco interiors, and rich jewel tones mixed with neutrals and geometric wallpaper are a strong nod towards Art Deco design. Consider opting for a neutral carpet if you’d like to remain quite versatile with your style, or perhaps go all out with a bold geometric vinyl to commit to the style.

Focus on streamlined shapes

Smooth, sleek shapes are one of the defining characteristics of Art Deco interior design, and can make for beautiful statement pieces if you don’t want to go full glam – a feature chair or a beautifully mirrored bar cart can add a touch of grandeur to your living room, while polished chrome and steel appliances with minimal sleek drawer and cupboard handles can turn your kitchen into a contemporary 1920s dream.

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Throw in some animal print

When we think of luxe materials, an animal print may not be the most modern choice, but including some animal print in your home can bring some unexpected luxury into your space – consider an animal print rug or patterned carpet to add some texture and colour to a space with darker furniture pieces and neutral walls to create a great base to show off your signature pieces. We have a carpet whipping service you can use to turn any of our animal print carpets into a fluffy statement for your floor.

Geometric shapes are key

Think of the Empire State building and the Chrysler building for inspiration for this – straight lines dropping into curved edges and layers of shapes that recede smaller and smaller. A geometric table could work well below an oval mirror in your hallway, or a square dining table with curved edges and curved chairs to add some interesting shapes to your dining area. Another great way to add geometric design is in picture frames and wall art – you can get really creative by introducing different complimenting lines and layouts.

Go glam with opulent materials

Luxurious materials are another key component of Art Deco home interiors, with materials like marble and lacquered wood making even a simple space look more glamorous. Why not opt for herringbone laminate flooring to add a touch of luxe décor to your kitchen or living room? You don’t even need to go over budget to get the glamorous look – marble contact paper and stick-on tiles can completely revolutionise your kitchen and come off again whenever you move out, which is great for renters.

If you want to explore further the different flooring options you could try to achieve Art Deco style, why not pop into your local Tapi store and speak to one of our Floorologists? Or even better yet, we can come to you! Book a free home visit for a member of our knowledgeable team to come to your home and get a real feel for what flooring would work best in your space. In the meantime, keep digging up inspiration for your Art Deco interior design with our Flooring Ideas page and Colour Finder, or discover more of our style guides, including gothic interior design ideas, and much more.

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Published: 26-01-2023